I just finished the first part of my life story for you. I described how I was discovering the world, things possible and impossible, finding out that bogeyman under the bed don´t exist, slowly taking off my pink kid glasses and I could not stop wondering how the adult world is one big mystery full of nonsense.

I love this beautiful play of destiny, how after 20 years you find out, that the kid dream is really coming truth. Thank you for experiencing my life story with me. Thank you!

On a cold winter December Wednesday of 1984 Kate first opened her eyes. Kate’s parents took this dark haired girl home on Christmas eve just like a present that belongs under the Christmas tree. The gods of the winter were ruling with frost on that day. But when the snowflakes fell on her long eyelashes she knew that miracles happen and she will create happiness and home warmth for her family.

As the time passed, she realized her extraordinariness in this world. The time was her teacher, who formed her personality. He pointed her basic direction, but at the same time she knew that she wants to be the master of her own destiny. Her stubbornness endorsed this fact.

She spent the revolutionary year of 1989 in preschool, where her intelligence was showing while her group was being divided into two separate groups. She realized which one she wants to belong to and how to accomplish that. Her children`s acting career wasn`t a long wait ahead. She was the main character in the Story of the fox, which was successfully presented on the communist convention and parental gathering.

me1984 me1989 me55


I could not wait till the morning on my first day of school. I woke up my mum at 6 a.m. asking her when we are finally going. Let’s not be late!


I successfully passed the test for my competition license as a Latin American dancer. Unfortunately my partner quit shortly after that and I gave up on it soon after.


I found the magic of majorettes. I even satisfy my dance cravings on this until adulthood.


World wonder, I eventually made it! I finished as the first backup under the line, over the unbelieving concern of my class teacher. I transferred onto the 8 year Komensky comprehensive school. Thanks universe!


This song from the chart called Eso is getting into my subconscious for the first time. I did not know its name for the longest time but I think it is great!!!


The girls in my majorettes class are excited talking about that great song. I found out it is called “An Angel” from the group Kelly Family. The radical revelation is that the band members Paddy and Angelo are not girls!


I secretly pray for a miracle. The Kelly Familly are gonna have a concert in Prague. I am quietly jealous at my school mate, who has the tickets. I am trying to talk my mum into going there as well. Unhappily the miracle does not happen.


The Kelly Family announced another concert in the Czech Republic, this time in Ostrava. There is actually going to be two concerts because of recording a video. Great!!!


I got the tickets I prayed for my birthday. Wow! I am starring at them with disbelieve for the weeks to come. I barely do not shower with them but I still talk to them for a good night.

lístek KF Ostrava


The D day is happening!!! I was not allowed to sleep in front of the concert hall, I even had to go to school that day, but I lived to see it. God, it is really them. Boy, I do not believe my own eyes, it is Paddy alive! The concert last long to the night because of making the video.


It is impossible to be around me. I talk about the concert for weeks. I am creating plans in my head about how to make it to another one. I am even planning on studying harder and school and bettering my grades on the school certificate. The motivation of the concert can create miracles.


I got money for the tickets to the summer concert in Brno for good grades on my school certificate. I run like a lightning to by two ticket downtown. SOLD OUT! My whole world is falling apart and I am crying into my pillow all night. My mum is comforting me, promising there will be tickets sold in front of the venue and we can get them there.


I was not allowed to sleep one night in front of the concert hall again. One day I will make up for it. The thought of that gives me a wicked smile. We are getting to Brno around noon. We buy tickets from some lady for cheap. This lady promises my mum that she will watch over me and my mum allows me to go right under the stage to the standing corridor. The euphoria is endless. I am so charged, I could lit up the whole town of Brno. My veins are filled with blood of a wild lioness, who is blasting through the turbulent crowd into the second row. God, somebody pinch me, I see Paddy! He is so big close up! 🙂 Yes, it is him, the champion of my heart! I let the mass hysteria take me for next two hours. I feel like in a different dimension, different world and different planet. 🙂


I found the world of the Kelly Family fan books. Every day I run home from school, open our mail box expecting at least 10 letters. My world keeps turning around two things. The priority of school is moved to the second track and I prefer writing letters with fans from all over the world.


I met my first love at school. I am meaning my first boyfriend because my truth first love is Paddy, of course, but we will talk about him a few years later.


I am planning a crazy trip to the place where I can see the Kelly Family, German city of Cologne.  I do not know how to do it but I want to! I want to finally meet the Kelly Family in person, see the castle of Gymnich (where they live), take some photos and sell them, do some sightseeing and visit the great cathedral. And mainly I want to have a photo with Paddy taken. He is my future groom of course. 🙂


To be continued… you can be looking forward getting to know more pieces and moments of my life in this category Who is Kate? I will be looking forward your questions and inquiries in return. 🙂

Have you ever wondered what your childhood dream was? How your dream ended after 5, 10 or 20 years? Share with me in comments. I can not wait! 🙂

yours Kate with LOVE ❤