I am opening a blue box and I can`t hold my excitement looking under the lid. I am drawn into my memories from two decades earlier. There is a torn folder cover with dust right under the lid. The beginning into an endless story!

„I am discreetly watching what is happening outside from my window. Kids are pushing each other and jumping with joy. The sun is smiling and sending us its warm rays on this extraordinary day. My eyes are alternating looking at the clock, just last five minutes… The bell is ringing….. finally!

How sweet is the sound in my ears. The door in front of me is opening. The door filled with holiday adventure, wandering of distant regions. I am running home. My thought are taking me away, I`m thinking how long is our concert list, if there is anything I`m missing and what all to fit into my backpack. Two months of wandering through Europe. Holiday focused on the concert tour of the Kelly Family. The corners of my mouth are stretching wide.“


If I only knew back then how EXTRAORDINARY the hot summer holiday of 2003 was. This year influenced my thinking for next decades. And mainly this was the FIRST backpack journey! This feeling was so distant and covered with a thick layer of dust. I almost forgot about it. I thought with naivety that my first journey to Asia was also my first backpack journey.

„I am reporting my fellow travelers: map, journal, tree black magic markers, foam mat, water, four apples and tree pastes (which meant a bad world later, in our special Kelly dictionary). The main stuff is packed!” I can also fit in a few shirts, some shampoo and special Kelly Book for signatures. „Yes, it can`t be missed! I am checking my wallet. It has 10 Euros in it!” It was nothing special but it didn`t bother me. The money increased so easily, it was hard to believe it, with the charm of our personalities while hitchhiking or when we mentioned that we are from the Czech Republic. The questions for extra 10 Euros! These weren`t the last Euros I got on my travels.

I was surprised how easy hitchhiking was. We moved fast and easy from Ostrava, through Brno, Prague, all the way to Berlin. First test of orientation. Winning ticket fell onto the renowned underground maze. We had to get from one side of Berlin to another, across town, onto the city exit Ueckermünde. The finish was a picturesque town by the Baltic Sea.


„We are trying to catch a ride for at least an hour. I am not surprised. The four lane road in both directions is holding us like a straitjacket. The traffic lights are located halfway down hill. We are hitchhiking in an awkward valley between hills. Desperate situation. The cars are speeding up from the traffic lights onto another hill and to the bridge, where the freeway starts. The drivers are gesturing they would stop but there is nowhere to do it.” Our hopes to make it to the concert are getting slim. We only have 200 km left to the finish. We wished so hard to be at the venue a day early back then. We wanted to check out the place and find best spot to take photos of our darlings. And possibly to get wet at the sea. „This is the first time I think about the immortality of the beetle. There is an awkward thought in my head asking why haven`t we tried to hitchhike only in the Czech Republic first?” Let`s not think small at the beginning. Let`s go straight to Germany and let`s hitchhike there! „The sun is saying bye to us with its rainbow like haze.” Another hour has passed without a blink of an eye. „We are still fighting with surrounding roads and highways.” The late night is claiming its rights with lighting speed…

A driver, coming form the only side street, saved us from the desperate situation after 3 long hours. It was the only street, which was coming from a supermarket that had had a spot, where a car could stop for a few seconds. Thank God! „We are giving Berlin our goodbyes, we will be back next time for a different adventure… We are flying on the highway like some speed demons.”


„Ueckermünde is welcoming us a nightfall.” The kindness of the driver has no limits. First, he drove us to the beach. And before we separated he handed us 10 Euros. „That`s for an ice-cream!” he said. We couldn`t believe our own eyes. We were trying to decline the offer for some time but after he insisted we were left for the 10 Euros in our hands. Hooray, it`s time to enjoy the sea.

uecker4 uecker2

„The sky is like in a fairy tale, it`s covered with stars and the moon is shining so bright right above our head. We are wishing Ueckermünde a good night, totally tired, but happy. We are falling asleep inside our sleeping bags right on the stage.” It was right at the spot, where the Kelly Family concert was happening the next day. All our plans came truth at the end. „We are thanking the universe with a sincere joy in our hearts. We are slowly falling into the dream about the next adventure universe has plant for us.” 🙂

I`m closing the folder exhaling. Those were the perfect times. Times filled with fun, friendships and concerts. There used to be a mail box filled with letter from all around the world every day. I remember more and I am reaching for the next story from the memory box. 🙂

yours Kate with LOVE ❤