The setting sun in the back, I am dashing down a highway, more than a thousand kilometers are extending in front of me and the carousel of times more ideas is spinning in my head. I am letting the outside world of meadows and stags to carry me away into the land of dreams and fairytales… what it would be if… Basically, I hate the discussion of this type. But meanwhile I am passing by those meadows, trees, pheasants, cars, banners… still one after other… the retreating sun over the horizon in a rearview mirror…the endless highway in front of me and behind me… I find it in one word like cool thing! 🙂

zapad slunce

Wow! It is xactly been 2 years, 6 months and 19 days since I was closed the door behind the pass of Kelly Family. And in this moment I knew that I would not open it again, that is why I locked it on seven keys and I dropped them into a deep well, where it would not be found. A place is lost and forbidden for me forever. Days, weeks and months passed, and I have realized that the bad things must happen in order to continue growing up.

That is no art to burn all old bridges with the past but to learn from our mistakes and to eliminate the bad ones.

And so for me, the last years were the time of relaxation and meditation by the world of Kelly Family. I grew up in the different areas, on the other fronts. I mainly devoted to myself. As much as I needed to shut down. I was an opponent to myself. I recapitulated what I should learn by the world of Kelly Family. I wondered who am I, what is my sense of life and what I should to bring to the world, why am I here? I got it, because of him! I understood. A lighthouse lit up in my head.

If good things really do need their time to grow, then big things are coming.

The confused feelings are blending in me. Actually, I do not know which from them are more prevalent. A known freezing feeling gradually flows in my body through the beautiful butterflies in the belly to the fingertips. I am full of expectations and on the other hand, I expect again nothing. The special feeling. I am rocking somewhere between a heaven and an earth. In the land of somebody and simultaneously in the land of nobody. The velvet voice from the speakers is gradually expanding in a space of car. His voice has always been able to calm down me…

„ …Shake away, shake away the old chains in my life
Got a new, got a new love and open eyes
Break away, break away the old ways and live high
Got a new course for the light… “

I am picking up the girls in Prague after a few hours. There are so many German cities in which I was, and even more which meanwhile remain hidden before me. Today with the girls, we are taking you on a trip to Rosenthal. A little picturesque town with one church with a sacred wellspring and a bakery. Around is a couple of the cozy houses and far and wise the meadows, hares and the forests. The mermaids are taking me by the hand and I am carried away by dancing into their realm…

kostel1 kostel2

So I am here! Again! I am standing before the door of the big inflated bubble of my youth. The steps lead me and I follow them to inside. To another world. Nothing has changed here, the same old parties of people from Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic… But nevertheless, everything is new, strange and unknown. On the one hand, I am feeling like Kate in a Wonderland. I have had received the sight! That is by my person! I am different. But it still is the same world in which they fight their batrachomyomachia. You can feel it from the air. You can cut it as the pieces of cake on a plate. But with one difference. I am reflecting it! It goes out of me. It passes me by a great arc. I have changed my thought and I am immune. I am like a magnet reflects the negativity, the negative feelings and people.

I have gotten rid of the world of envy and begrudging people. Thank you!


He did it again. He proved it again. He pleasantly surprised me again. Already more than 20 years, he does not stop surprising me. I have gone through every phase of his life across a worldwide popularity in the 90s as Paddy Kelly, a monastic life of a monk as John Paul Mary and eventually reintroducing onto the music scene as Michael Patrick Kelly.

„ …I’m running for my life, oh no
So long my friend so long oh no,
the renegade is on the run.

lalala lalala leyda
lalala lalala ley
lalala lalala leyda
leyda leyda ley… “

I am standing with my mouth wide open, every tone flows in my body through and my legs are knocking into a rhythm. How is he doing it? Damn, how is he doing it? His music is so charming. And a breathtaking voice. Again he has even moved his talent farther beyond the boundaries. Is it still possible? The beauty of the present moment!

I love the beauty, his voice and these songs.

The feeling which I can not get enough of. And even more, this feeling is amazing when you catch yourself by “almost” dancing and the more you are errantly smiling. Yes, the old good Paddy from 2003-2004 is gone to the new Michael Patrick Kelly could come. I am looking at the matured man. I do not believe my own eyes. But he still rampages as in his youth on the stage. He is still inside the rascal with blue eyes.


The atmosphere is in full swing, and one song follows the other one. The crowd goes wild in one moment and it suddenly falls silent within a second moment. When in those few seconds of silence are typing out the first tones of Blues-song…

„ …I can see no more moon
So I am singing, yes, I am singning
Maranatha, Maranatha, Maranatha
Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ranatha… “

The audience is slowly plunging in the dark. A tine light is handed down from hand to hand. One, two, three and… after a while, these tine lights form this beautiful sprawling harmony as the thousands of brightly shinning stars on the sky. The song which does not let wait long for itself and we are following its light…


„ …Oh I’m thanking Blessed Mary for light divine
Thanking Blessed Mary for light divine
Thanking Blessed Mary for light… “

The only light which opens before us. Step by step, we are going with a trust behind it. We are following it into the distance. We are entering and its piercing glow is embracing us…

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”
 (2 Cor 13,17)


yours Kate with LOVE ❤