The 14th national parks are passed, the 7 thousand miles are traveled, our hotel on the ground of a four-wheeled Ford. A bear almost gobbled up us, a deer collided and a bison trampled but otherwise it was SUPER TRIP!!! 🙂 🙂 And the main thing! WE SURVIVED!!! The small summary of introduction we are not lost in the amount of funny stories. It will be really a lot. Three weeks, 24 hours per day we are depended on the hotel Ford with all-inclusive and the shower at the petrol stations. USA has not yet experienced this cool trip or long live the inventiveness of Czech people.  We are shaking our heads in disbelief. We made it to cram all into so a little time but we got it! Even now at the thought, my backside is warming by those jet engines. And even now I really take my hat off our own speed. But let’s go already to peer into behind the scenes of preparations. And how did it all start? 🙂

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~ Part 1 ~ A look into behind the scenes of preparations

The question for you. For thinking. How long do you plan the itinerary before your traveling adventure, expedition or backpacking? A hour, day, week month or not at all? My last a few trips were marked in the sense that I left it all up to the destiny. And it always ended better than I expected. I love the magic of surprise. I am spared the bad feelings that it does not go as I planned. And I take it more with a smile. Yes, now I see the twisting looks that everything does not go without the preparation. I understand there are the situations where it does not go, and then it would not be definitely underestimated. The challenging hikes, tour and treks require the time for preparation. Just only for one main reason. We do not want to be the gamblers with our health and making the unnecessary troubles.

I have sent the idea to the Universe: “It is time to leave the borders of Europe. Go a little further to explore our beautiful Mother Earth.” And the universe replied: “I am sending you a unique campaign on the flight ticket to the USA. Grab it quickly by the hair or it flies away…” That is so when I was once browsing the travel bazaar and discovering truly impossible. The guy was selling a voucher of 1 000 USD* for 10 000 CZK. And it pays off! The destination is clear. The time is limited. Already I need the itinerary for 4 weeks.


I am reopening the travel bazaar. I am amazed at the inventiveness of Czech people. I am buying the America Annual Pass for half price (!). It is annual unlimited admission to all national parks in the United States. The nice bonus to the card is a discount on the prices of campsites in the national parks. The accommodation is for a song and the comfort is amazing. Directly one poem. A reserved parking place, a seating area with a bench around the campfire and finally the place for a tent.

The Month is gone, others came and went again. I have still enough time for the plans. And then you are standing face to face to an airport lounge. The plan is still nowhere. But the objective was simple to see the Grand Canyon and the rest (!) national parks will be the pleasant bonus.

I love a spontaneous decision. Freedom of a choice, the thought and the time which passes without monitoring. The hour here and there another hour. Or even one more hour ago. Doesn’t matter. We are losing a little bit in time to travel still to the west.

The first acquaintance with America! The turbulences! It is nicely throwing… The intestine wants to speak. Cabin Crew: “But Miss, the captain has not still signaled for opening of the belts. The bag for sickness is in your glove compartment.” I smiled at the Cabin Crew and I am denoting her with my subdued English: “That is not a stomach but the intestine!!! That would probably difficult get it in “this” bag.” The Cabin crew is while looking at me as she has never haven a diarrhea… BUT! A spark jumped: “Okay but be careful!” But don’t worry as I started the trip on the toilet as I ended. 🙂 The plane safely landed on a runway and my intestine took a break for a while. But only for a little while: “The toilet, where is it?”

Yes please! I like it too much. The light summer breeze is blowing my forehead which is dewy with the perspiration. The sun is herding the temperature high above 30 °C. The perfect sunny afternoon without the clouds. I am so glad. Pure happiness. A watch on the hand is ticking but the wrong time. Wow the time running backwards is miraculous. I am getting to be younger! I flew away at seven o’clock morning from the airport in Budapest and I am sipping the afternoon cup of coffee in American Tulsa.

I love traveling to the west. Catching up those lost moments. My dream came true. Finally the day has more than 24 hours. 🙂

“If it was the same way. I will be able to travel back a few years in time. Maybe I would study an Archeology with Egyptology about which I had secretly dreamed whenever on the TV gave the series about Egypt and the mummies.” What do I know? I would have differently done some things. I will be able to be experienced another somersaults but it would still be my crazy me. I will be able to shake, getting up and moving on into the unknown for my dreams. This stubborn Kate who does it anyway her way. 🙂 And she will be crawling on all fours to the plane when it is necessary… So please that’s me and my proud EGO!

My big green eyes are uncomprehendingly winking: “Belle, we will not really manage to travel the entire west of USA?” I am going my legs back on the ground that the big puddle behind the ocean is really large. NO, definitely huge! Belle laughs at Belle: “You know here are the distances slightly greater than in Europe. Really a little bit bigger. Directly multiples larger.” So no… But I am not giving up. My second mad plan flawlessly worked. It surpassed even previously dismissive altitude of Belle that the path does not lead. Leading, leading and leading…

How little it takes to be happy! Yay!

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The preparations culminate. We pack the supplies. I am preparing the sandwiches and Belle assures: “Do you count that we will be sleeping in a hotel every second night?” SURE!!! Huh… The reality after a few days: “This sleeping in the car is cool! The shower every day at the petrol station is enough for me.” Well I have envisaged with the camping in the tent in the national parks. But this! I am amazed. It was the shower every second day in the end. 🙂 The next day my Belle loved in our four-wheeled Ford with all-inclusive. She experienced once, she has never surrendered it…Even her 80-years old grandma wanted a little adventure in the car, too. On the other hand it also saves the time. What we will talk about. We do not waste the time looking for the hotels, motels etc. We use the time more effectively on the road! Walking around the outlets and sales! By the way we are still women! 😀 😀


Did you have a fun by the first part? I knew it. 🙂 And this is just the beginning. Like it, sharing or yuck? It is up to you. Thank you! Keep in mind that the continuation will wait for you in a few days, here at the same place again… We will be following in the footsteps of the Indians in Mesa Verde 🙂

yours Kate with LOVE ❤


PS: And I have for you a few more photos to view on FACEBOOK 🙂

*The value of 1 000 USD is approximately 25 000 CZK.