I attach a few words to the orientation of the posts on my blog and what you will discover in them. Choose a topic that is the most interesting for you. 🙂


As the grains in the hourglass are counting the moments, and so even my life goes second by second on and on. You will find out in the daily snapshots where I am just now and where we can get a cup of coffee together. 🙂 I will be looking forward to!


My everyday life about travel, joy and positive thinking. Stories of motivation, gratitude and to thank universe. I create a life story that I LIVE and want to LIVE!!! Thanks universe!


To know what you should to take or how to pack? Now you will be always ready to go… OR “What you do not have, you do not need”!!! And do not solve nonsenses that you can not change.


I discover a sense of life, my sense of life, the sense of life, that I will love the unconditional love. My love.  My lifestyle is created for TIME FREEDOM! I like to inspire and be inspired.


The seemingly unimportant kid dream about Kelly Family has really come truth for 20 years. Those trips are more than intricately and ingeniously entagled by destiny. Although I am not married with Paddy but we were taking  dinner and laughing over immortality beetle. 🙂


I would like to thank all of you who has influenced my journey at this point. About the people who have helped me to create the lifestory that I LIVE. The good people still exist and the helping to others in this world is not yet died. Thank the universe for these people!