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Welcome to traveling blog – Cover the Road!

My name is Kate and I am the author of this blog. Sit back in the chair, get your favorite cup of coffee and we can slowly begin. 🙂


I love traveling and the feel of “traveling vibration”. I look out the oval window. In front of me, the landscape slowly colors in colorful coat of the setting sun. My blood is pulsing with the traveling fever and I smile while looking at my backpack of 7 kilos with thought: “What you do not have, you do not need”. Again I put on my wanderlust shoes which lead me to the exit. The burning excitement flows in my body with every next step. Right hand impatiently squeezes the door handle which slowly and nervously turns down. The first ray of sun warms my face and I smile… 🙂 Hurrah for new adventures!!!

I create a life story that I LIVE and want to LIVE!!!

Welcome you to my world! The world of dreams, which revolves around travel, around the life abroad with a foreigner and around work connected with travel. I discover a sense of life, my sense of life, the sense of life, that I will love the unconditional love. My love. I share my life with a passion for travel. My lifestyle is created for TIME FREEDOM! I like to inspire and be inspired. ☺


The destiny of this blog is to inspire and motivate you by my past, present and future experiences. The first step across the threshold of your home will be only the beginning of never ending journey with the undescribed blank sheets in your life book about traveling.

„The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.“

St. Augustine

Thank you for the spending time on this blog. I wish you a relaxing reading of full of fun, tips and advices as inspiration and motivation for your new tips of adventure. The biggest balm for my soul will be the smile on your cheeks. Have a nice day and I hope that we will meet soon somewhere on coffee. 🙂


yours Kate with LOVE ❤



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My everyday life about travel, joy and positive thinking. Stories of my life, inspiration, gratitude, motivation and in the footsteps of Kelly Family. Thanks universe!


To know what you should to take or how to pack? Now you will be always ready to go… OR “What you do not have, you do not need”!!!