Cover the Road links my past as COVER, presence as THE and future as ROAD.

A small ugly Duckling is transforming into beautiful Kate.

proc cover the road

Cover the Road as my past. A past connected with the Kelly Family. A song from Jimmy Kelly, which influenced my direction. Past tense, which formed my personality. Unexperienced Duckling is learning to walk. First steps are clumsy, unstable and the Duckling falls on its behind. Over and over again. And then one day it will find the ability to take stability in its legs.

Cover the Road as my presence. A presence connects initial path towards overcoming my fear. The fear that was preventing me from flying off to the world and from crossing the border of my comfort zone. Present tense, which took me to the big world of adults, as a finished human. Duckling is learning how to from its achievements and failures. Slowly but surely pushing the boundaries of its possibilities.

Cover the Road as my life path which I started in my past as small Duckling, which goes through my presence and flows into my future. The small ugly Duckling transformed into beautiful Kate. Kate, that knows what she wants, what freedom is and what commodity is the most valuable one in the world. The one that ticks same for everyone, in front of which we are all equals without the difference in gender, nationality, religion etc. The one that will never stop moving, no matter what happens. Kate is clear about it. Kate wants the maximum TIME FREEDOM!!!!

yours Kate with LOVE ❤