Our backpacks are slowly growing roots on the island Koh Rong, on the Palm Beach. It is a perfect place for those who love quit. Everyone is entitled to its own palm with a lounger under a straw umbrella. Just be careful, the coconut could fall down on your head! Here is the abundant presence of coconuts. We regularly alternate our chilling at the beach with visiting a local restaurant. We are ordering the fries and laughing to our sticker about Cambodia, what will we get for 2.5 USD?! Surprise! The bulges are creating on our faces, it really is the delicacy. Yummy! We are ordering one more of the amazing HOMEMADE FRIES! 🙂

The last day, the rulers of the sea are showing a mercy and Cambodia beach is giving to us their gifts. We are given by the magnificent sea shells on Christmas Eve under the Christmas tree.

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We are spending our last moments at the beach in Sihanoukville. The time of saying goodbye is going so fast second by second. It really flies so quickly. It seems to me as I landed at the airport since a while ago and two weeks are almost done. The sun is slowly being lost into the ocean. Our journeys are divided and saying last goodbye to my friend from Switzerland is not easy. I know that our ways will be crossed again for the next adventure in future, so I am really giving to her my last goodbye. So to make the last selfie for memory from Cambodia.

IMG-20151225-WA0008 IMG-20151225-WA0010 IMG-20151225-WA0005

Waiting for a night bus to Siem Reap is starting to be dramatic. The agreed transport is half an hour late. Perfect, the office is closed which sold me a ticket. We found out at the hostel reception that seller had said a bad meeting point for picking up. Now it would probably be all right. The time of waiting is so long, so making a fun: “Will it really be a sleeping bus or some other Cambodia joke?!” The moment of surprise!” It is interesting because nothing happens in next half an hour. So maybe I will not really see the magnificent temple complex of Angkor Wat. We are still getting the same answer from the hostel reception: “The transport is on the way.” And lo and behold, the transport is really here after 1.5 hours of waiting.

Early morning sun rays suggest us that we are on the right place. The move with the night bus for 12 USD is not a win, but it really was the sleeping bus for this time. Although I secretly hoped to get a nice stranger as neighbor. So unfortunately my desire really stayed just only the wishful thinking.

I am paying 1 USD to tuk-tuk-man. Different region, different habits and different rates for tuk-tuk taxi. My housing in Bliss Villa is not ready yet. My legs are leading my nose to the smell of local restaurant for breakfast. My breakfast is served by swimming pool. It is not even 10 o´clock and the sun glows its rays at the full throttle. I am exchanging a sunbed for swimming pool with a full belly and cooling my hot body in the water.

I am inexorably bargaining with Tuk-tuk-man the price of 13 USD per tour around the temple complex of Angkor Wat. So let´s go! I was prepared for a mass of tourists, so I opted for only one day pass. It is a bit spoiled by the tourists but it was still amazing experience for those 20 USD. On the other hand, one day of pushing, avoiding and rejecting of the local sellers are more than enough for me. Oh yeah, you must be patient!

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I am driving past the last opening kiosk with the paintings at the end of day. I am bargaining for one of them for the price 12 USD which originally was for 20 USD. The tactic of bargaining, when you do not like the proposed price, I will leave. It works absolutely brilliantly. I am getting on my price after about the third departure. I think that I could even get lower but I was tired after the whole day. On the other hand, the belly started to request for eating. It is interesting if the seller is still willing to bargain, so then he still makes money. 🙂

My bus is leaving to the capital city Phnom Penh in the morning. It is the best time for just catching the afternoon flight to Kuala Lumpur. From here, I will only cross Abu Dhabi, Rome and Venice on the way to home. The journey will be very long and endless. It would not be for me if it is not spiced by the dramatic experiences and a bit of stress. At first of all, the receptionist forgot to order the ticket for the bus. Ok, it starts very well. Finally I got one seat. In Phnom Penh, I am inexorably bargaining with Tuk-tuk-man the price of 6 USD per transport to the airport. He proposed the price of 10 USD and I am looking at him in the style: “Seriously? Is it worth for it? Do you really want to try it?” The next surprise is waiting for me at the airport. Morning flight to Kuala Lumpur was postponed by 24 hours. Great! “But what about my afternoon flight? It was finally delayed by just 2 hours. “Finally!” In summary, I am catching my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Europe. An awesome bonus at the end of this crazy day, the flight to Abu Dhabi was only filled by 1/3 of its capacity. The world has never seen a half-empty airplane. What more I could wish for an additional 8 hours of flight. I am occupying three seats and glorifying for sleeping. The sound of engine is waddling me and I am plunged into dreaming about the recapitulation of adventure in Cambodia… It was so awesome!


yours Kate with LOVE ❤