Do you know the feeling? We are browsing the catalogs of travel agencies and looking at those amazing pictures of the whitely white beaches with zero occurrence of the tourists… We say to ourselves: “There is beautifully! I definitely must go there. The place, the champion of my heart.” But then we find ourselves on a dream beach and we realize that the reality is fully somewhere else. Yes, it is the place, BUT… The zero occurrence of the tourists, just only in a fairy tale. The REALITY equals head to head! Do we wonder? No. Is it ever the place somewhere on our planet how we know it from the catalogs? The beautiful unspoiled nature, the white endless beaches where the eye can see and finally a beautifully azury crystal clear sea…

Every century has its pros and cons. Certainly, the biggest advantage of today’s generation is the freedom for traveling, the opened door to almost 95 % of the corners of our planet. But we have to remember one thing. It also has its huge disadvantage. Already there is almost no place which would not effect by tourism. Whether it likes us or not, the tourism destroys even the last forgotten wonders of nature, the unspoiled unprecedented beauty. And after all, in today’s 21st century, we can still discover a couple of the hidden secrets, corners and islands which are “almost” untouched by human feet, after which the hundreds of thousand tourists did not walk… When you look behind yourself, the kilometers of no being. And you look in front of yourself and you will see the beauty, the breathtaking glittering white sand bordering the turquoise azury blue sea. Would you like to know where this little piece of paradise you can find for example? And you do not have to have in the account with an amount from 6 nulls to more. I will take you there. 🙂 But shhh, it is a secret!

As the seasoned Pirates of Tarutao, we will be plowing the endless waters of the Andaman Sea.


The shoals of colorful fish, the various shapes of corals, the kilometers of deserted beaches and the softest sand as powder… All this and much more await you. And where this little piece of paradise is located? The journey will not be easy. It takes you approximately two days. But such a magnificent beauty of the park will wait for you from which you will not want to return back with the feet on the ground. And when you already did it, you will want to you will be kidnapped by the rulers of the sea on their waves to this piece of paradise again, and not just once. The feeling which will engrave deep under a skin and it will remain in the heart forever. And it is one of a few places that will accrete to your heart. It becomes your love forever! 🙂


Of the 51 small islands, you will choose own little paradise on Earth.

You will discover the little beauty of paradise when you go to the southernmost corner of Thailand, on the very border with Malaysia off the coast at Satun Province. Tarutao National Marine Park in the Andaman Sea, which takes its name from the largest island of Koh Tarutao and was established in 1974, is covering 1490 m2. The park consists of 51 islands within Tarutao Group to the east and Adang-Rawi to the west.

Weekly permit entry to the paradise comes out just only 500 THB*.

Maybe we should just thank a position thanks to which the park stayed sparing by the pressure of the tourists. Thank you so much! On most of islands, the accommodation is operated by the administration of National Park. An exception is the island Koh Lipe. The number of tourists is strictly limited and so we can still enjoy the “almost untouched” unspoiled beauty. Would you like to have the bungalows for 2-8 people for 600-800 THB*/day or directly to experience the authentic unadulterated camping on the most softest glistening sand with the early morning breathtaking view of the horizon of sea level? Both are possible! And if you do not have a tent, even you can borrow one here for a fee 200-250 THB*/day. Own tent is obviously better, almost like home for 30 THB*/day. 🙂 Are you going into it? I already can not wait when the untamed beauty hugs and caresses me again in its arms. 🙂


An entrance gate to the paradise is a little port town Pak Bara from which the local ferries leave to the island Koh Tarutao for 450 THB*/one way. From the opposite side, from Malaysia, you can go by the ferry to the island Koh Lipe. I have chosen the lengthier journey from Pak Bara to Malaysia on which I was kidnapping into the paradise for two weeks. It was like the dream from which you still wake up but which you do not really dream… On the way I have passed the shoals of colorful fish, the strange shapes of corals, the untamed wilderness in a jungle, the tons of the softest white sand which was sticking to my legs and it wanted with me to go home to the Czech Republic… Whether it does not seem, it really was the true. Again and again I am biting my hands. Yes, it did not seem to me, it really was the reality in the today’s 21st century.

1st PARADISE: Koh Tarutao, the island as the home of thousand and one of the little monkeys.

At first of all on what you will be informed: “Close the door, tents and dustbins, and protect the food!” The home of thousand and one of the little monkeys where you take a look. You can also make a selfie as many as you want with this four-legged beauty. 🙂 You can also visit the remnants of prison which are preserved to this day. Also worth mentioning to peep into the local cave with the beautiful stalactites. And watch out, touching on is also allowed! Stay here certainly a couple of days. Take a trip into the jungle to the waterfalls. The island has much to offer on all sides for every adventure. Only the underwater world of snorkeling limps a little bit but you will not be flavored by snorkeling on the way to other islands.

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The accommodation is available at two locations -Ao Pante Malacca and Ao Molae. There are a camp with the tents, the bungalows and the rooms in the traditional longhouse. A bedding into the tents is possible to rent for 50 THB* for the whole stay. Electricity is available only in morning and in the evening. Here is a small store and a local restaurant serves the breakfast approximately per 80-100 THB* and the lunch including dinners per 100-160 THB*.

2nd PARADISE: Koh Lipe and its coral kingdom as in a fairy tale.

After a few days, I have said the goodbye to the island Koh Tarutao. I am kidnaping forward by the sea elves to the paradise on the island Koh Lipe for its coral kingdom with the little fish. Speed Boat is giving a moment for relaxing and dropping us out on the halfway around the island Koh Khai from the archipelago Muu Ko Klang. The small but beautiful stone gate “Love’s Gate” is interwoven with the incredible blue level with a piece of land that bows it down a compliment.

Love´s Gate
„Curve Stone Door of Tarutao Satun
The area where increases LOVE for
the youth
The place where starts and
supports LOVE to live long
For both of us to enter into the door
for Eternal… LOVE“

20150109_122005 20150109_123538

Koh Lipe, a small island for kissable. 🙂 The coral kingdom plays with all colors of fish and the strange shapes below the sea surface. A small dot in the sea but was sacrificed for the tourism. The bungalows of all categories, the numbers of restaurants, all kinds of watersports on which you can remember including diving, the bars, coffee bars and of course ATMs. For all of this and much more, you will definitely stay a few extra nights. And when these conveniences of 21st century do not entertain anymore, you will jump to the neighbor Koh Adang for the divide serenity.

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3rd PARADISE: Koh Adang with the divide serenity and the irrepressible jungle.

The only thing that we will find here is one local restaurant, a few bungalows operated by the National Park Authority, the camping place for tents and the endless kilometers of beaches as far as the eye can see. And oops, the irrepressible jungle is here too.

20150111_130153 20150111_162537

4th PARADISE: Koh Rawi with the sand which tickles your feet as a soft powder on the face.

Are not you going crazy from the surplus serenity and lazing on the beach? Pack up the tents, sleeping bags and take a trip for one night… or two nights? We will discover the beauty of solitude like Robinson Crusoe.


5th PARADISE: Ko Rokroy is ideal for romping on a rope.

The island is so small that we will be circumnavigating it on the boat only for two minutes. For the next two minutes, we will conquer the peak and we can fully indulge romping on the rope… or enjoying the views at the 50 shades of blue?

20150110_112256 20150110_112505

Have you already selected your little piece of paradise? I look forward to another 46 islands of this National Marine Park. It is great that our planet is so large.

yours Kate with LOVE ❤

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* The prices are current to March 2015.


Koh Tarutao!

Koh Lipe!

Koh Khai!

Koh Adang!

Koh Rawi!

Ko Rokroy!