“… three, four…, six, seven…, ten. Before the door, behind the door, nobody should stand or I will not play with you! I am going!” Let’s play a game? Cool, so the meeting is 24th September on the garden of my grandma in Breclav, Czech Republic. And it will be even a young wine! 🙂 But today I have a little different game for you. The traveling game. I think that you will like it. 🙂

How big a minimalist you are?

The eternal ending topic for the travelers, whether we are going anywhere. What to pack?


Each of us is unique and we always have the different needs. Someone is an experienced more, someone is less, someone has bigger needs and other does not really need too much. The friend Google throws us the dozens of tricks, tips, how and what to pack. Each of us prefers something a little different, divergent. But maybe we will find some universal beauties which each of us uses on the trips and with which our trip is easier and more comfortable. Let us all be inspired and inspire each other.

I do not know about you but I love the games! The piece of secret which thrills us until the last moment. The heart is pounding as a race. And how is it then going to end up and what the results will be… 🙂 I am looking forward to!

A couple of friends of mine often ask me how to pack effectively in relation the usefulness of things and the weight limit. It is a nightmare for someone and no problem for another one. My corners are smiling, expanding into wide, the abdominal muscles are constricting into a spasm and the thoughts slowly turn to the idea of: “The thoughtless running from one corner of the apartment to another and back. The scared expression. A superhuman task as it is running about life. In doing so, we fear only one thing to forget packing something…” STOP! Stop it! “At the end, we are exhaustedly lying down on the couch and we are rubbing a sweat from a forehead. Yes, it is the superhuman task… This is a catastrophe! Only a few hours to the departure… and a couple of days for another one…” Is it really necessary to stress about it too much? About all of us travel on Mars to the Martians. They have there the Martian needs and stores than we have here on the Earth… Our Earth matters are different. How is the life by Martians? Does anyone know? I would be interested in. 🙂 So please tell me in the comments…

Originally, I had intended to write the post what I pack to my backpack. But I hope that we will play a little bit together and this topic will moved forward to the issue of traveling list “Top 5+5 minimalistic beauties”. The novice travelers will appreciate a few lines of inspiration in addition to their timid beginnings. And for us, the seasoned adventurers, it will be a small school repetition. Or in the fact, we will find our “know-how”?! It is still in us. To be always ready with one foot to reach out to new tomorrows… The shared joy is always bigger and nicer if it is to share with. 🙂

Are you ready? Here we go!

CASE STUDY: I have always wanted to write it. Funny! Take it with the exaggeration. The fun has to be. But it sounds scientifically and importantly. 🙂 You imagine traveling on the monthly wandering to a sunlit landscape. The sun is smiling. A new day welcomes us at the dawn with the warm rays of around 25 °C. Daily weather remains stable, the afternoon raining occasionally refreshes us (hmmm… it is perfect for dancing in the rain 🙂 ). Our home becomes the hostels for a few weeks. We discuss the endless debates about a local culture with a couple of lodgers at the dormitories. Of course, we will have a passport, the credit cards and money but we can only buy the food, drinks and the sleeping at the dormitories. It is permitted to be wearing the vest/T-shirt, shorts/pants and flip-flops/sandals/sneakers. I will leave you the selecting one from each as we please. For me, the ideal is the T-shirt, long pants and sandals.

TASK: You have the option to take only 5 things on the monthly wandering into the backpack which your trip will made more pleasant. Which it will be? Which the beauties are indispensable for you? And as a bonus, you will get 5 more beauties as a reward for another week.

Here is mine 5+5 BEAUTIES 🙂

1. quick-drying towel
2. toothbrush
3. toothpaste
4. solid shampoo
5. wet wipes
6. swiss knife
7. beach scarf
8. little lock on the backpack
9. waterproof lightweight jacket
10. swimming suit


Using 3in1: the towel, beach blanket, blanket for the night!


Using 1in1: only to the teeth within traveling 🙂


Using 1in1: only to the teeth within traveling 🙂


Using 4in1: the soap, shampoo, shower gel, washing!


Using 3in1: mainly as the toilet paper for me, the facial cleaning and other cleaning!


Using 6in1: the knife, nail file, tweezer, toothpick, scissors, opener!


Using 6in1: towel, beach blanket, blanket for the night, dress, neckerchief and other versions of clothes!


Using 1in1: the lock on your backpack or whatever you can think of 🙂


Using 1in1: that’s always useful for anything 🙂


Using 2in1: the swimming suit, underclothes!


One guinea fowl at the end. 🙂

Thank you for being my inspiration!

I wish you the beautiful end of beginning of work week 🙂

yours Kate with LOVE ❤