A few hundred kilometers behind us. The extending highway with other thousands kilometers but welcome us on a long journey into the unknown. Before us, the landscape changes with the each passing increasing hour. Driving farther to the west and we cannot get enough of the feeling of freedom. We are looking forward to like little girls. We are talking some different girls (!) debates about what the Universe has prepared us for new adventures, who we will meet and what the tomorrow will be.

I love the moment of the spontaneous decision and the sweet not-knowing. Literally the textbook definition of the perfect moment.

Day turns into night and for the first time our four-wheeled hotel parks at the remote petrol station. I am so excited that I am still talking something to Belle. We are creating the most perfect strategies how inconspicuously to go sleeping. In a few days we are the masters in the field of sleeping in the car. Intentionally we stay under a steep light and camera for the feeling of safety. As in any James Bond’s movie. We are turning the engine off, lights and a few minutes quietly sitting in the car. We are observing the surroundings what and where it happens. We are giving each other the inch sign and stewing our laughter. Anywhere is quiet. A place if the beaten track. The sign for us that it is the highest time to cut and run into the back of our hotel. When I hear something in the fact: “Belle, give the sleeping bag over your head, let you are not seen!” I am thinking if I have even burst out laughing or a pain: “Oh, shut up! I need the air! Belle, why haven’t we packed the sleeping pads?” What will we fool ourselves, the first few nights on the hard floor was not much of anything. But everything is just a habit. Incidentally the first night in a bed after 3 weeks was horrible, too. After a few hours I finally gave up and made my bed on the hard floor beside the bed… 😀

~ Part 2 ~ In the footsteps of the Indians or Don’t you contribute? Turn back!

20120914_162526 20120914_170609 20120914_170107

Our objective of today is the town carved into the rock in the southwestern corner of Colorado. For the first time we will use our Annual Pass. Mesa Verde National Park was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site List in 1978. There is no place that I have enjoyed more. Exactly this is the place! When the thought running through my head: “I am not leaving from America sooner until my foot not stepping on this sacred land and not smoking a peace-pipe.” Wow! The first Indians came here 1500 years ago. The initial introduction to the mysterious ancient history. The narrow alleys, the circular buildings Kivas, the pueblos and the tunnels breathe on every step of the hundred-culture of the advanced but lost civilization of the Anasazi Indians. I have retracted back in time. I discover the magic of town carved into the rock and in my ears is echoing the Indian National Anthem. The deserted place shrouded into mystery. And yet at this moment, you feel as the city still lived at the time of its greatest glory and drumming into the rhythm of the legendary dance.

Belle is desperately looking at me: “Do you really have to climb after a ten-meter ladder there?” I blinked at her: “Go and shut up!” Balcony house and its views are indeed difficult to access, invisible from above but it is worth for the parade. One word breathtaking.

20120914_152109 20120914_143533 20120914_154453 20120914_170703

The day is almost gone and hurtling far beyond the setting sun. In our backs we are leaving the town carved into the rock Mesa Verde and quickly rushing to another Indian’s viewpoint.

Don’t you contribute? Turn back!

We are arriving at the input gate and looking forward to a beautiful sunset. The Indians have the interesting way of earnings. Why not? Probably they have well-mastered marketing. They built a hut on a public place and collecting an admission fee. My Belle asks at the gate: “What is the price of admission fee?” The older Indian woman poisonously announces: “The admission fee is voluntary. How much do you contribute?” After a long deliberation, we are trying the zero contribution. To our surprise, we get the interesting answer: “Nothing? Do you contribute nothing? Turn back and go to… !!!” Now my jaw dropped to the bottom: “Seriously?!” Well, I guess yes…

The Belles literally fart on it and heading farther!

It is exactly 18:03 p.m. The gates are closed and proved by a chain. A heavy metal lock is swinging in the wind. The Indian’s attraction “Four Corners”. How else than it is closed. Although the banner announces the opening hours until 6 p.m. But it looks like it is closed for hours, and not only three minutes. We with Belle have to spend the night here. We are not excited about it but what we can do. On tomorrow early morning we are moving the place where the borders of four states (Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico) meet. We are slightly disappointed to go dispersing into the shopping mall in the nearby town. We are full to the bellyful, playing our Bond’s game for sleeping in the car and setting the alarms on the sixth morning.

The sound of alarm is uncompromising. The first and last waking up at such an ungodly hour. I am purring with a murderous tone at Belle: “Belle! Never again!” Although we got up early but the reward is Four Corners without the tourists. Even the Indian’s stands with the souvenirs are still closed. So who would get up so early, right?! And then we have a lot of time on a variety of the poses and fooling around at photo shooting.

20120915_081635 20120915_081133 20120915_082626 20120915_082043 20120915_082029

In an hour with the arrival of the first batch of tourists we are raising our anchors and continuing to the states of Arizona and Utah. And what it waits for us there? You already suspect that the famous Grand Canyon is there. And additionally one more small horned surprise :)))

So next time again here, OK? Like it, sharing or yuck? But you already know it and you are the best number one in it. 🙂 Beautiful morning and more beautiful weekend on a young wine 🙂

yours Kate with LOVE ❤

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