A list of PROS and CONS. Do you do it sometime? Traveling alone or to buy a flight ticket back to the Czech Republic? My brain paths worked at 120 %. The column of pros predominates and a reality surpassed all my expectations about 100 %. I am kidding! At least about 500 %! 🙂

“All right, I will it…!!!”

These five words have been oscillating in my thoughts over and over. The second me has knocked on the shoulder. “It cannot be so hard. An adventure will be great. Guaranteed!” From the feeling of The Little Prince lost in a desert, my fright slowly passed in excitement. Where the wandering shoes will be leading me… I have a rough schedule but the rest is left in the hands of the destiny. The coincidences do not exist. My heart is always ruled by the power of thought and the Universe…


Being alone on the roads has a variety of innumerable benefits. No doubt about it. But one of the main bonuses is freedom for the spontaneous decisions… I love just the feel of freedom. I enjoy to be a free thinker to the fullest. The thoughts are flying in the air here and there. Passing through and chasing down without thinking. Just catch one of packaged with the big pink bow. Unpack and don’t let go! I do not think about whether I should prefer to snatch the yellow one on the left when I slapped after the first one which has come to my hand on the right. I do not regret. I have been following the pink track, the pink path and this time it will be marked by pink. A new journey, a new continent, a new adventure and a new life experience in the pink sign.

Every decision is right! There is no wrong choice. It does not exist.

Although I decide one way or another, it is always the right choice. It makes no sense to rave over what it would be if… I do not care what I would gain from that when I go the other way. I just never know. It is not in my power, nor in the power of anyone else. The cubes of fate are unsearchable. Let us live in the present time with knowing our decision always opens only one door of many possible at the particular moment! I believe the Universe! Although I have no idea in this time from which reason why this particular gate is unlocking for me. Trusting. It comes!

Koh Adang, Thailand: “I am letting to be lulled for a meditation on the white beach. The sun hugs my burning bronze body at the last day.” The feel is priceless, the best vacation of my life! 🙂

My body, my soul and even my heart falls through the dependence. The dependence of to roam alone the thousands of miles from home.

The moment sweeping of a magic wand, everything is changing in a second. The desire leads me on the blind to re-boarding. I cannot help myself! The special flight tickets play with my mind… “I have to buy another ticket…” The traveling temperature burns my passion. My veins are filled with blood of the excitement for another and another adventure. Gods of clouds welcome me again, again and again in their arms…

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Not for nothing they say traveling is a certain kind of the specific drugs. You have once tried and those flight tickets do not give us a chance for sleeping until the end of life. It starts with a timid probing at the first traveling. You are fulfilled of the incredible impressions and experiences to organize the tea parties for our family with an exhaustive presentation of the most fascinating scenes. The neighborhood returns us back to Earth to the reality. They feel we probably came from another planet and talking a different language. Our horizons and thinking have opened in a various direction. A head in the clouds and from our mouths fall the poems about life on divergent continent. We think in the different way. We have expanded the views by another culture. We understand that the world does not revolve around us. The important and fundamental things are on the Earth. And conversely we do not understand them so much that they do not share our enthusiasm. We feel like the foreigners in our own neighborhood. No, we are the foreigners! We are getting started for sure to return back into the old ruts in the gray world of offices and computers. To the known world which cannot hurt us and is well-known for the neighborhood. The passionate desire to travel and discover another piece of beauty beyond the borders of the neighbor’s known fence gnaws in ours under the shell. At the mention of the next expedition, the neighborhood is knocking on a forehead with the question: “You do not have enough?” For a moment they deeply stamped out our desire into the dark waters. Somehow they do not understand that in fact it was only the first step. We calculate the savings and at the end we buy the next flight ticket without any hesitation at the first opportunity. Because when train is once running and rushing an uncontrollable speed forward, it cannot be easily stopped.

The downside of depending on traveling which no one speaks about. Being a foreigner in his own neighborhood…

I lived in Croatia, Spain, Germany and Australia. But after every returning I have heard the same phrase: “You are so different! You have changed!” And anyway I still was ME! The same me, I kissed by the sun but more advanced, more mature and with the new life lessons which left larger or smaller scars on my soul. But don’t worry! For each gash lurks at least one interesting story from my life on this planet.


After a time, the part of neighborhood gets used to our traveling vagaries. They regard us as the bohemians! Exult, we live the bohemian life. But the reality is somewhere else. We desire to someone understands us and knows our little enlightened thinking. Another view on the world. But we still feel alone in the nearest circle of family, friends and acquaintances. The foreigners in the environment in which we grew up, lived the years and which is so well-known for us. A closed bubble from which the only way out is through the purchase of other flight tickets. Because just there away in unknown lands, we find ourselves on the same wave and in our element. We are surrounded by like-minded people and we finally have the feeling that we are talking to each other in the same language.

And then the second part not settling for it and rather they comment in the style: “Yeah! You had and have luck!” Sooner or later the contacts cool down. For good measure they stop just talking to us. By chance what if they received from us the precious plague and they will be also infected by the traveling desire for exploring. That would be a terrible mess. The excuses why it is not possible, once and for all should go into the flowers.

Have you already been infected by the dependence on flight tickets and travels? I am sending you a few of the travel bugs to eventually become the foreigner in your own neighborhood and all your excuses will forever be given a red card… I look forward to your little story below in the comment 🙂

I wish you a beautiful autumn and let your eyes to pamper by the European sunrays for a moment!

yours Kate with LOVE ❤