A deep breath… An exhalation… So! We are ready for it now. Because when we are done going through these lines together, all our ideas about traveling being an expensive luxury commodity for the lucky few, are gonna shatter. And it is connected with a lot of the questions which you send me day and night. But one of all falls the most commonly. In detail I will introduce you to this issue that we will be the masters of hunting for the cheap flight tickets very soon.

“Those flight tickets have to be expensive! Where do you take still money for it?”

More often in common the problem is in expensive flight ticket. Although it has been tons of publications, media talk about these things in radio, TV, internet and even travelers talk about that all the time. But one of them has been escaping me. These things which are absolutely obviously for me and I am confident about are still for most of the people mystery. The information about I am convinced everyone knows than they do not. And in my silly naivety I still think it is so known, clear and easy thing. I meet new people on every corner. I am met with that thing in 90 % of my friends and people around me. It is a basic thing between us – travelers but for some of the people it is dull taboo. I am gonna show you that the problem is not in money but in information. And what moves with the world today? Information! Information, which lead the tempo and things around them. Information about the Error Flight Ticket. Traveling could be very cheap. It depends upon to us and you how cheap we want to actually have.

How to understand to the Error Flight Ticket… And what is actually it?

The Error Flight Ticket is easily said that flight ticket which has got the wrong price. During putting into a reservation system there could be unpredictable number of errors which will affect the final price. The value of flight ticket is combing from the cost of flight, expenses of flight, admin expenses, distribution expenses, marketing expenses, sells expenses etc. One of the most common things which is replicated to the final cost is an absence of the fuel expense. In another words everyone makes a mistake and the price is cheaper by this tax. So in total value of whole sales of the flight tickets, you know some kind of mistake come through. It is also possible someone will make mistake in point comma or zero…


Oops, the Error Flight Ticket is onto the world! 🙂

1st step: The Flight Ticket Hunters

In order the Flight Ticket Hunters are coming. Their speed is critical for us. Ok, it depends of them how fast they find a hidden mistake and report to us. In my favorite hunter portals I include web such as www.cestujlevne.com, www.jaknaletenky.cz, www.akčníletenky.com, www.fly4free.cz or www.zaletsi.cz. It just required add 3 – 4 pages on Facebook. From 80 % of all, everyone has the same content but with only one difference that once one hunter will appears earlier the Error Flight Ticket and the rest of hunters start to copy it to the other portals again. Second time it might catch polish people and next time another people. And again it is also copy that to other portals. Let’s catch that from more sides. For sure make orders from these guys, they have got clear and proven information. Of course we give them bits for their spot on job! 🙂

2nd step: Watch, wait and be patience

Give like to these hunters is not enough. Add them to your favorite and automatically you will receive the alerts that they have a new post. Useful is to set the alerts to see hunters posts on the panel first when you open Facebook. And let’s be honest. Facebook in mobile is most useful. Than you will gonna have view 24/7.

From these guys we can download the different bookmarks to browser which are set for news about the Error Flight Ticket. The email alerts works as well but it is not fast enough.

3rd step: A battle with the time

On the Error Flight Ticket, the time is most valuable. The time along which the specific Flight Ticket holds on price. We do not paint a pink sky. There are thousands of other users who wait for the same fly tickets. And there is a statement: who come first, take first. The wrong price on the flight ticket stays about hours but most of the time about tens of minutes.

We play a battle with time. We are clicking. We are looking for right time. Sometimes we are lucky sometimes we not. It required patience and stay in the worm place. It is worth it to not give up. The lucky has to turn to us someday. It is better if we do not look at the specific date. It is better to be flexible about a day or week. It is the same for the destination. It is not quite ideal to wait for your dream destination but a bit preparation it is fine. It is better to have a list of 5 places where we would like to visit.


It is a right time. It is there! One of our Top 5. We are saving the time by the preparation, we clear about in the basic facts and prices. There is no need to know a visa policy, staying overnight, rent a car, the incoming buses or ferry etc. We know about our Top destinations as much as it costs living in the specific area. We do not have to panic we ordered the flight ticket and not have place to live during the time. Sometimes we will get into the point that the flight ticket is not the most expensive part from our holiday. We will enjoy a great trip without being broke. Traveling could be really cheap. But remember to one more thing. Not all of the Error Flight Tickets are from Czech Republic. We have to count with a transport to the departure destination. This is important point as the price for the Error Flight Ticket plus the transport to departure destination will not more expensive than the ordinary of the flight ticket from Prague. Sometimes it is better to travel over half of the Europe for better price.

4st step: Don’t hesitate and pay immediately with the online card

Could you find the place where is more worth it to have online card? We have got our tickets in a pocket in a moment when we receive them in e-mail. But we won only from 50 %. There is still a chance that the tickets could be cancelled but with less likely. Wait for a couple days, week or two weeks. If nothing happen, we can cheer. 🙂 In a case of the cancelled flight ticket we will receive our money bank on account.

5st step: Take it with good humor

It is a game! Don’t forget to one rule. It is still a game. Even we might not win this time, we will win next time. It had some reason. According my philosophy nothing happens without the reason. Believe something better is about to happen and it will be the absolute bomb. 🙂

In conclusion I would like to want to thanks to guys that they are looking for the Error Flight Tickets and sending to us. Great job!!!

Enjoy your day today and let’s go hunt! 🙂

yours Kate with LOVE ❤