The congealed bones battered by each millimeter output of a luggage compartment are dutifully reporting: “A new day is here.” The fourth day or fifth day? Slowly but surely we acclimate at the combat conditions of hotel. Another day on the hard floor in our movable dwelling seems to us as daily bread. And what about the twenty-fifth day? It will already be our sweet home. Then one day I will be able to say it proudly that “I have lived in the car!” I am checking off the next item from my Wish List and at the same time I am painting other two blue spots right next to those remaining ones. One in the size 2 x 2 x 2 cm on the thigh. Wow and here is the second one! Directly below the right elbow. Ouch and tomorrow the third one will be certainly there. 😀

That at least a cell phone is resistant against falls. It has experienced so many somersaults, it is still enough smart. How does it do? Although the cell phone is no signal but indicating a little after half past seven morning… Although actually I do not know exactly what time it is. Traveling to the west and the exact time is always a bit of an issue. We pass across a couple of the time zones and our head are literally spinning. The cell phone is also a little bit confused. I am turning to the other side and announcing to Belle that we still have 25 beautiful minutes for lazing around…


This lovely day. It is perfectly suited for the trip and camping in the national park. I am sending the morning greeting to the sun and the sun rays are fondling my soul. Along the way it breaks the horizon and wandering farther into the heavenly heights. The birds are chirping good morning. Cloudless sky. We are grinning from ear to ear to sit down behind the wheel and intending to conquer other x hundreds of miles on our long journey to the west.

I am rummaging in the box of CDs when something will beep. Although Monument Valley is within sight but our hotel is announcing: “I need to feed!” And we as well. 🙂 The smell of fresh coffee tickles my sense perceptions and I am sinking my nose into the fluffy pillows of cappuccino. The game with milk foam still employs me for a few more minutes. The sweet tooth has rigidly longed for an egg omelet for a few days. The huge omelet of unprecedented proportions crowded a cheese looks directly at me. It’s so delicious I like my own ears. The lump stretched into break out gives a clear sign that my flavor cells give 10 stars for Hip Hop. From now on, the king of all kings is Hip Hop. Twice bottom line. Belle where we are going to eat for the next time: “To the Hip Hop!!! You ask… It is clear!” 🙂


The world is really small. We are meeting the first visitors from the Czech Republic on Monument Valley. We are sending the greetings to the distant European landscapes and not forgetting about the proper photoshoot. Due to the fact that this gem is located in the autonomous Indian reservation and not belonging to The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands USA, we are giving the admission fee (US$3) at the entrance gate.

20120915_111552 20120915_114132 20120915_115346 20120915_120509

~ Part 3 ~ The horned surprise at the magnificent Grand Canyon

We are so excited for the evening camping to vie who will sit sooner back behind the wheel. Let’s continue to check out the famous Grand Canyon. Sun plays us to the cards. It slowly trundles over the horizon and sending us the horned surprise for introductory welcome. Deer, young, horned, elderly, with one freckle more or less… The forests fizz and rustling. No one anywhere. Needles are swaying in the breeze and slowly sliding to the earth. In my hand I am clutching the tiny cone which just pounced into my nose. The scent of pine groves. From top of my lungs I am trying to cut a small piece of clean, fresh forest air spiced with the whiff of new, unknown odor. I turn around and almost jumping out of my skin. Damn! One is marching to me. Just a moment and my back will be licked and sniffed by a snout. I would give him a kiss! But at first go on to clean your white fangs… 🙂

20120915_172151 20120915_172142

The visit of the national parks shortly after the main season hides a little secret. So except for the cold shower in a camp. 🙂 Brrr! Really not! The final total of an account, full benefits plus one little minor betrayal. The free place in the camp without reservation. Yay! At this time we apply our Annual Pass for a discount of the camping place in Grand Canyon. 🙂 Great! What more we could want. The arrival in the afternoon hours. The selection of free spot. The Americans do everything in a big style. Our entire kingdom of camping includes the parking space, sitting area with a bench and a table, fireplace for grilling sausages and ultimately not missing the free spot for a tent. We do in a number of our “mini” corner and walking to a machine for paying our spot. We will choose the number of spot, type of vehicle, number of people (it pays for the entire spot), number of nights and eventually pressing discount for our Annual Pass. Funny small price peeks out. We are disbelievingly winking at the machine in return. Belle: “Do it counts well?” Take it! Please! I like it, US$10 per night for one person.

The sun tickles the tops of canyon by a golden glow.

It falls far over the horizon and for a split second its rays reveal the secret winding trails into the valley, the heart of flowing river Colorado, the nitro of ancient history. The amazing spectacle on the Precambrian and Paleozoic’s rock layers reveal to us. The colossal look at the best preserved of geological formation which it is possible to discover on our planet. Just in time. Heart rejoices with joy. Sunset and our eyes are shinning as a Christmas tree. The legs run from one viewpoint to the other. We do not know where to blink at first. We pass the visitors from all strange corners of the world, including the Czech Republic. A meeting place for all nationalities. This little piece of paradise is able to unite all neighbors to stop above the breathtaking charm of canyon for a moment which the river Colorado has formed for impressive 6 million years. The canyon shows us in its most fascinating elegance. Fiddling with all shades of old and ruddy rainbow together with the magic alpenglow of all cute shapes. We gush over the beauty of the southern part of canyon (South Rim).

20120915_174120+ 20120915_175148 20120915_175347+ 20120915_183731 20120916_084251 20120916_085629

Because the lookout tower is uncompromisingly closed, so we will let it up to eight o’clock early tomorrow morning. And here the betrayal of time zone is coming. According to our timers is a few minutes after eight but the tower is still closed. The Ranger also is nowhere in sight. Our eyes blink and in the distance the Czech “Ahoj” is shouting to us… 🙂 According to the compatriots from Bruntal is only seven o’clock morning. The denouement gives us upcoming ranger after 30 minutes of waiting. And indeed, it is only 7:30 AM! We have already taken the photos and rather quickly driving to the northern part of canyon (North Rim). We are already looking forward to. And you? Are you also looking forward to?

I will have other national park for you over which together we will stand open-mouthed. Do you know about which is going here? So post your ideas to the comments! 🙂

yours Kate with LOVE ❤

PS: And I have for you a few more photos to view on FACEBOOK 🙂