In the morning, we did not go to the look point from a tower. But we are still exploring other sightseeing spots of Grand Canyon at the Indians during the trip around the canyon. Looking at their souvenir stalls. After one hour, we are already walking through the pine trail to the tourist cottage on the northern part of canyon (North Rim). The gorgeous wooden timbers give a magic of the forest grove that embraces this natural gem of the planet from all side of the world. As far as the eye can see but we do not see to the very edge of the horizon. It belongs only to the Universe itself.

20120916_134012 20120916_134122

Settling down in the deckchairs with a mug of iced cafe and indulging the moment of right now. For the next one or two hours, we enjoy sunbathing and a breath-taking view of how the nature can be a powerful witch.

Hurray, we are back in full strength behind the wheel!

We are relaxed. We are warmed up. We have a lot of sun energy. Pulling out our crumpled list from the travel book guide of United States of America to get to know the next stop. Browsing the pages. I turn one by one page to the beginning of capitol about Bryce Canyon National Park. This park is a bit of a mystery to us. Neither Belle nor I, we have never heard of it. Never minds, we want to try it. And why not when it is on the way to the casino world in Las Vegas. Free time in the car is more enjoyable by reading the travel guide.

~ Part 4 ~ Bryce Canyon National Park and its rock fairytale formation

The first lines tell the story of the park as a small wonder of the world that nature has conjured up over the millions of years in the Colorado Plateau. Bryce Canyon is not actually a canyon. Its name is a bit confusing because in fact, it is a limestone plateau with the rock formations of all strange fairytale characters. The canyon is one of the five national parks in Utah and belongs to one of the most beautiful parks in the west of the USA. Here we will find a full range of shades of red, orange, yellow and purple colors. The view of the valley with the “colorful hoodoo”, according to which the name of park is just derived is something unforgettable.

20120916_175340+ 20120916_175427+ 20120916_175422+ 20120916_175513

The book guide really did not lie. Again, our lively imaginations were surpassed by a reality of unbelievable beauty. Standing with our wide-opened mouth and looking at each other in disbelief. We have discovered a new paradise. Together we do not understand why we have never heard of this park before. Shaking our heads and consistently winking at each other that Bryce Canyon is incorrectly ignored for the world-famous Grand Canyon. In our opinion, it should have the same reputation as the magnificent Grand Canyon. And yet it is hidden in hanging of Grand Canyon on the second track. However, judge yourself! 🙂 We definitely recommend visiting for at least one day. To check out all the sightseeing spots and then to go to its roots down into the valley. To greet the squirrels. To wave the sun as it strokes the tops of the canyon and packs them into the golden rainbow. To blink from the valley up to the red clouds. And for last time to look back at the charm of the park with final warm gleam of the day.

20120916_175755uvodni 20120916_182113 20120916_180224 20120916_185032 20120916_185626uvodni

Like the canyon saves to sleep, and we crawl out of our two-hour stroll along the endless stairs back up. Out of breath but we are on the top. Maybe I just launched my soul right now. The way down was a toy but it was too much for my lungs up to the top. However, again I can tick one item from my Wish List. The endless stairs to the heaven are done and mainly fulfilled! 🙂

Our evening routine is waiting… 🙂 Yes! Outlets 🙂

We search the nearby outlets and sales in the surrounding towns. Browsing and checking out the shelves which are whispering to us to have for what our hearts have been longing for. We are looking for the best model pieces for unbeatable prices. We are going to the changing cabins with full hands and are chatting on the way: “Belle, I need a new model for tomorrow’s journey to the civilization.” We are giggling. We are dancing in front of the mirrors on Justin Timberlake until closing time.

We are trying, changing and tuning the details. “The store will be closing for 30 minutes. Please go to the cash desks… “ We are totally exhausted of shopping. We are walking back to the car with a smile on our faces and with bags in hands. In a moment, the navigation has directed us to the road that leads straight to the world of casinos… But at first, we will need good sleep for it. We must gain strength to carry the winning slips with the coins. As they say, morning is wiser than evening. Our hotel has parked at the nearest gas station. With dollars in our eyes, we let ourselves kidnap into the fairytales dreams about the roulettes, slot machines, machine guns and all possible spectrums of colored lights which change night into day and day into night…

yours Kate with LOVE ❤

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