You do not have time, money, age or thousands of other reasons why you cannot travel around the world? All in one! 🙂 That’s a Las Vegas. Here we are able to go through the world within few hours. We will explore the main corners of the world. At one place we have culture of romantic Paris. On the other side we will go through gondolas in Venice. Little bit further we will discover history of old Egyptians and beauty of Cleopatra. Or a selfie with Statue of liberty? Why not?! Everything is possible. Everything is allowed and permitted. But only those legal stuffs …so be careful on that 🙂

In the lights of Paris, Venice, Statue of Liberty, Egypt and pyramids welcomes us Las Vegas: “Black 5 please…”

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Several hours marathon started…

Later in afternoon hours we are walking from one hotel to another one on the right side of sidewalk. Few miles passed already with our feet, but we are still in half of our journey. We are moving to the left side of sidewalk. Right before midnight our feet are moving only by power of will but still our goal into the Venetian hotel is out of our sight. After another hour I say to Belle: “I can’t move anymore.” She is cheering to me: “You can do it! You have to see the most beautiful hotel in the end of our marathon.”

20120917_223557 20120917_225532 20120917_232755 20120918_014915 20120918_020139

I am convincing my feet for another hour of walk. One of them is moving second one does not. In the end with success! We are going ahead last 3 hotels. These last minutes I do not even enjoy the beauty of hotels or their architecture because of pain onto my heels from the blisters. I was able to walk through one pair of shoes in a one day. Someone is able to walk through 3 pairs of shoes during one dancing night and so I was able to walk through ONLY one of them…and I am just wondering how do they do that??? If I would to use two more pairs I wouldn’t be able to sit down for at least a month 😀

I am falling completely exhausted into the car. At least our relief is spending next following ours in a car comfortable on our butts. You cannot even imagine how grateful I was for that. Belle is driving a car to the nearest truck stop and I am giving to my poor feet proper massage. Callous. Painful. With blisters but still able to make a movement. Well tomorrow is a day as well. I mean actually today because of we finished our hotel marathon something around 2 am.

~ Part 5 ~ Death Valley as Valley of death

20120918_145954+ 20120918_114419

I don’t even talk. I have a nose by the window. With my eyes I consume landscape around us. I am into my own mind. Withhold breath I am looking around how the countryside changes with every single mile. It’s incredible. We go around forest, lake and we think we are into different world. We go down by the hill and this time we are in a new universe. Everything is different but still it is so beautiful. The nature prepared for us perfect view on every step in our roadtrip. It could be uncomfortable for someone to sit in a car, bus or in a train for some hours but for me it is balsam for my soul. I spent hours and hours by imagine how would I walk around this countryside. I create in my mind all these colorful and variety pictures.

I love to dreamy looking from the window for some hours. I love to swallow those nature beauties. I love the feeling how the countryside is transforming right a front of your eyes.

Quite nervous looking for a sign: “Belle, are we already in California?” Belle went: “We already goes about 10 minutes on California’s road…” with had down I sadly watching, rolling eyes all over but no sign means no photo… 🙁 Never mind! We will get second change along the way from Idalo to Montana. But meanwhile we will have a look around beauties of California, National parks, trees, valleys and the most beautiful nature.

20120918_105733+ 20120918_110240 20120918_110222

Death Valley is the driest, the hottest and the lowest place in California even in a whole USA and North America. We are leaving from air-conditioned car and after few seconds we are heading back more than happy to do that. You cannot imagine how grateful we are to go back. Woow, it is super-hot out there…

“Belle, turn up the air-condition to maximum!!! Would you believe it?? Right in a time when you need it the most and you could actually make the boiled eggs (It is a shame we don’t have any of them with us… Because I am right after them now…. Delicious!), it just does not work. It does not. But in a time when we did not need it at all it worked fine…”

Air condition beat us 3:0! Let’s think about it for a minute… 😀

Why? Why is this happening? We are fighting with air-condition for a few days now. Every time we turn on an engine the air-condition went on automatically to maximum. But all of the sudden when we are in Death Valley where in shadow is 40 °C it just decided to do not work. We stay there only for a short period of time. But even that short period of time was enough for us to be sweeten all over not only on forehead. The water is evaporating from the bottles and I think we are going crazy… and the end of soil frypan Badwater is out of our sight. Frypan lays down 86 m under the water level and it is really salty. Without water, with loll out tongue and with hallucination that there is a sea on the horizon we turned back in the middle of the way…

20120918_110356 20120918_121614 20120918_121404-uvodni

We get it we absolutely get it now. Death Valley really deserve the name. So, after we left the valley the air-condition still didn’t change the mind yet. It is only shame you cannot slap it over the ass. Or have you ever tried before?

Now we already moving further up to the road…We are burn by the sun, but we are like small excited girls who cannot wait to beat the air-condition. We can’t wait to hug the trees, to forest ‘s wind which will go over our faces. We cannot wait until we will get a deep breath and enjoy the ambience of national park Sequoja. And we might meet those elves and fairies how they dance during midnight in a forest hill…

yours Kate with LOVE ❤

PS: And I have for you a few more photos to view on FACEBOOK 🙂